How To Start A Business Successfully

You too can learn how to start a business and do it successfully.   You see, creating a business is based on a formula and a process. While you are able to learn this, you must apply the lessons and consistently work at it.

The key to How To Start A Business, is to be open-minded and to study the process of business. These days, it is no longer just winging it and hoping for the best.  Gone are the days when a manufacturer would say, build it and they will come.

There is a methodology and this has been studied so thoroughly, that there are University courses at Doctorate levels in commerce and every facet of industry.

In this site, we share with you our own experiences with business both online and off line. We show you each of the fundamental steps that is vital to a good grounding for longevity, remembering these principles apply irrespective of whether you run an online ebusiness or a physical one providing products or services.

But let me say from the start

 Business is Risky. 

Which is why it is essential to learn the fundamentals to ensure you have at least some essential knowledge in place before you open the doors.

In any business at all, hanging out the shingle and waiting for customers is NOT how to succeed.

Waiting for your coach to tell you what to do is also not how to go about a start up.

The key is research and thinking deeply and taking responsibility for your decisions.

Whether it is an online or physical start up, I repeat, the secret is finding an niche that has

  • an adequate Demand
  • and inadequate Supply

So, don't rush into your choice of industry.  Whatever your good idea is, don't rush in, till you've methodically done your homework and have confidently arrived at a conclusion.  Before you start, please do this:


Think and Consider

Do your numbers


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